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Certified 7 Minute Life Trainer Afternoon Session - September 2021

A message from Allyson Lewis

Hey there, I’m delighted you're interested in finding out more about our Train The Trainer program. Our company's growing and we want to expand our reach. Poor time management 'costs' lives, which is exactly why everyone needs this program.

With our Certified 7 Minute Life Trainer network and affiliate structure, you can take on an active role to represent us and build your own business and network of trainers.


What's included in the Train-the-Trainer course?

7-Weeks of live Zoom calls with Allyson Lewis
2 hour sessions
28+ downloadable tools, worksheets, templates, and checklists
Physical course binder and materials
And, unlimited access to the recordings of each class

The following physical training materials will be shipped to you from the US shortly after you have enrolled.
- The 7 Minute Solution: Prioritise, Organize, and Simplify your Life at Work and Home
- The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner
- Course Binder and Materials
- Student Workbooks
- PowerPoint Slides

We've even included unlimited access to 3 of our most popular online courses.
- The 7 Minute Life Training System

- The Essentials of Time Management Course
- How to Use the Daily Planner

As a Certified Trainer you will be able to:

- Speak, Train, Facilitate, and Coach the Time Management Strategies created by The 7 Minute Life

- Utilize The 7 Minute Life tools, worksheets, and checklists to train your clients
- As a Certified 7 Minute Life Time Management Trainer you'll be able to resell all of our products, including:
Daily Planners
Online Training Courses
Digital Products

The TTT program is extensive and designed to help you grow your coaching, training, and speaking business.
Most train-the-trainer courses just teach you what you could be teaching others and how to teach it, but abandon you when it comes to starting your business. We think this is because other companies are in the business of teaching. We're not. We want to help you grow your coaching, training, and speaking business.

We know $5000 is an investment.

Our goal is to help you develop a business model. We want you to succeed, and see you earn your investment back as soon as possible. After successful completion of the course, you'll gain access to The 7 Minute Life Trainer Hub.

What People Are Saying:

Assisting others to life more rewarding and happier lives is something that has always appealed to me. I believe that is a great purpose to live my life by and if I can bring value to others and be rewarded for that myself, then there is nothing wrong with that. When I investigated time management for my own business and life, I happen to come across Allyson Lewis and quick realised her approach was so different. Taking a step back to look at the ‘person’ who is the worker, and create more clarity for them as a whole person (work and private) through which all aspects of their life flourish. Her insight that a ‘course’ doesn’t work because the habit is not created, made a lot of sense to me. When I was presented with the opportunity to join the 7 Minute Life through their Train the Trainer program and then be able to bring this approach to my community and grow my positive effect on the world even beyond my own abilities by assisting others to become trainers, it was an opportunity I couldn’t help but get excited about and I knew I was hooked. In my dealing with Allyson Lewis, I have found her to be an contagiously excited and happy lady with a strong passion and vision to help others. During the Train the Trainer program that became even more apparent and her drive to see us as students succeed and start earning our investment back became very clear. It was a little unexpected but welcome breath of fresh air when considering the many other business skill courses that teach you the skill but then leave you alone when it comes to starting your own business. I’m delighted to be involved and hope that if you’re thinking about joining us, that you’ll take the plunge and join the team.

Patrick van der Burght