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How to Improve Your Time Management: Achieve More in Less Time

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10 Steps to Improve Your Time Management. Stop the chaos and learn how to increase your daily productivity.

This powerful 75 minute course will teach you how to improve your time management in 10 short modules.

Be your best self. We’ll train you and your team to become
organized, productive, purposeful, and happier… 7 Minutes at a Time.

Learn How to Improve Your Time Management
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Course Includes

  • INSTANT ACCESS to 75 minutes of training from Time Management Expert Allyson Lewis
  • Downloadable Time Management Worksheets
  • 10 Modules broken down into smaller chunks so you can learn at your own pace.
  • Easy to implement strategies that you can put into use immediately and start seeing results.


Course Outline

Module 1.
The Philosophy of Your Improving Time Management in 7 Minutes (5:07 min) 

Module 2. Your Life Can Be Different with Micro-Actions (4:02 min) 

Module 3. Why 7 Minutes? (5:31 min) 

Module 4. How to Get Rid of Your To-Do List (4:52 min) 

Module 5. Motivation and Inner Drive - The New Definition of Time Management (8:29 min)  

Module 6. I Never Have Enough Time - Acknowledging the Pain of Stress and Anxiety (4:02 min) 

Module 7. The 15 Minute Increment Tracking Worksheet - There Are Only 24 Hours in a Day (10:13 min) 

Module 8. Managing ADD - How to Deal with Distractions, Procrastination, and Lack of Attention (10:08 min) 

Module 9. How to Use the Daily Progress Report - Prioritize Your Most Important Tasks (14:09 min) 

Module 10. Move from Chaos to Productivity by Using a Daily Written Plan of Action (7:10 min ) 


Time is your most valuable currency.
What is chronic disorganization costing you?

- overdue projects
- feeling overwhelmed
- lack of time with your family
- stress 

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We created The 7 Minute Life University to deliver groundbreaking personal and professional development training. This course is easy to access from any device. 

It is filled with downloadable tools and worksheets to simplify and jumpstart your learning.  Enrolling in this class is the best decision you can make to reclaim the minutes in your day.

Poor time management skills impact more than your need to get more done.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Say goodbye to unrealistic to-do lists
  • Use new tools to design an amazingly productive day
  • Discover the one question you need to ask at night to prepare for tomorrow
  • Create meaningful 90-day goals
  • Cut through the chaos and disorganization
  • Free up time and energy
  • Sharpen your focus and overcome distraction


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