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What’s the income you hoped to make as a real estate professional?
What are your financial goals for your real estate business?
Do you currently have the clientele, listings, or sales quantity to reach that level?

You entered the world of real estate because you saw potential.
Now, your days are busy, stressful and chaotic, but you’re still not seeing the results that you hoped for.

Even if there was a magic trick to more sales, you wouldn’t know where to find the time to learn and implement such advice.

It’s time to stop “trying harder” and sacrificing yet another weekend to keep up.
This isn’t about a lack of effort.
It’s about a lack of systems.

The proven methods of the 7 Minute Life for Real Estate Membership empowers you to have the time and tools to grow your business. We spent decades perfecting strategies in time management and goal setting so that real estate agents like you can become excellent agents with an income they didn’t even dare to hope for.



Join a community of Florida real estate professionals who are ready to implement proven time management techniques to have a thriving business.

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The extra mile is never crowded.
Gain the tools that will make you stand out.

When life is pulling you in all directions, time for personal development seems like an out-of-reach luxury. You’re scrambling to keep up with the paperwork, administration, and marketing needs for your listings, only to come home to another collection of unfinished tasks.

There’s a different way of doing business.

Imagine what would be possible if you were handed the systems, tools, and organizational strategies to get on top of things...

The 7 Minute Life Real Estate Membership takes you on a transformational journey to organize, prioritize, and simplify your life and business, so you can stop spinning your wheels and propel yourself forward. We’ll tackle everything from mindsets and neuroscience to sales strategies and time management, so you can constantly progress towards your goals and deliver work you can be proud of.

Become the real estate professional you promised yourself you would be…

Organized spaces

No more clutter at work or home

Network and connect

Stay in touch with clients, associates, and mentors

From to-do to done

Tools, training, and templates to finish your tasks every day

Clear focus
and purpose

Know your priorities, goals, and vision for the future

Less stress

Improve your mental health and enjoy your growing real estate career

Enough time for family and fun

No more missed soccer games


What's included?

● Downloadable Daily Planner and instructional videos
● Access to the e-courses on the 7 Minute Life University
● Countless classes to watch at your own pace
● Live webinars with Allyson
● Interactive Feedback and Q&A sessions with Allyson
● Membership of the private Facebook community group
● 38+ templates and tools
● Early access to The 7 Minute Life digital platform
● 20% discount on all 7 Minute Life physical products
● 20% discount on The 7 Minute Life Masterclass

Getting early access pays off…

Total value of all items listed above: $3720
Cost of membership: $50 a month
Waitlisted Members:  $30/month (40% discount)

No strings attached, cancel anytime. Your membership price will never increase; you gain lifetime access to the discounted membership. No contracts or commitments; stay a member as long as you like.

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It only takes 1% of your time to get off autopilot and live towards a focused purpose

The foundational philosophy of The 7 Minute Life is to take seven minutes every morning and evening to clarify and prioritize your tasks and activities. This takes only one percent of the 1440 minutes of your day! When you know how to structure this written daily plan of action, it allows you to focus your attention on the high value activities that make you reach your goals.

Thousands of people have learned our methods. Try it out and see for yourself. What do you have to lose?

Community encourages you to follow through. Creating new habits is nearly impossible on your own. Receive inspiration and insights from like-minded real estate agents when you need it.

Nothing overcomplicated. We keep it simple: we first teach you the “why”, then show you the “how”, then provide support as you practice.

Not another time-consuming commitment. You decide how much time to devote to this 90-day transformational journey. One hour a week is enough to learn the foundational principles. But… word of warning: after you experience the impact of The 7 Minute Life micro-actions, you may be hooked! When that happens, we’ll be ready for you with countless hours of complementary courses for you to dive deeper.


As a member, you will…

 Make realistic plans to achieve your goals

 Deal with clutter and unfinished tasks

 Learn the 5 Before 11™ method

 Use neuroplasticity to improve

 Implement hundreds of micro-actions

 Develop deadlines and create repeatable processes

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About Allyson
and The 7 Minute Life

The 7 Minute Life shares time management, goal setting, communication, strategies and tools to help you become more deliberate about the life you lead. Both your time and your energy are finite resources. By prioritizing your core values, creating your written purpose statement and establishing your 90-day goals, you can reconnect with life.

Founder and CEO Allyson Lewis has spent the last three decades developing and teaching concrete yet actionable business ideas to executives and other professionals. Her books and teachings have grown out of Allyson’s own search for rekindling her purpose in life.

Allyson’s books have sold more than 130,000 copies and have been translated into Chinese, Turkish, Korean, and Spanish. Her YouTube channel has had more than 1.9 million minutes watched. She’s been a guest on CNN and Bloomberg Information TV and she has appeared in a broad range of national publications such as Investors Business Daily, The Chicago Sun Times, The Los Angeles Times, Advisor Today and Family Circle Magazine.

“The 7 Minute Life and Allyson Lewis have changed my life. I am more focused and driven to accomplish the things that align my priorities with my purpose. The strategies I have employed are life changing. I can’t thank Allyson enough for her encouragement and her positive influence on my life."

~ Darla Frye-Guevremont
CEO C2EX / Key West Association of Realtors®


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